Idaho now has a Jeopardy champion. Kendra Westerhaus, a clinical psychologist who lives in Pocatello, won $29,601 last night on television's hottest show. She went into the final round leading all the other contestants but 'Final Jeopardy has been known to end the run of many front runners dreams of winning the big show.

Idaho is a small state, but the Gem State doesn't lack folks who appear on reality television. We've had a few folks, one from Boise and one from Meridian, win the CBS Television Show Survivor. Now an Idaho woman has a chance to compete on Jeopardy. Whether you're a fan or not, the appeal of Jeopardy is universal. How many times have you tried to answer the show's questions before the folks on tv pressed their buzzer?

Photo Courtesy of Jeopardy, Kendra Westerhaus Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Jeopardy, Kendra Westerhaus Facebook

It all came down to figuring out a tank's military term. Mrs. Westerhaus answered the question correctly and wagered the correct amount allowing her to emerge as the Jeopardy champion winning just under $30,000. It takes some folks an entire year to make that amount of money.

Check Out How This Idahoan Became A Jeopardy Champion

We're so proud of her!

Mrs. Westerhaus told the publication takes three auditions to make it to the show. Anyone can take an online test to begin the process. We are still determining how she will do, but she praises the Jeopardy teams and their hospitality. Her episode was taped for two days in mid-December. Let's wish her luck and tune in to channel two on Tuesday at 6 pm to see if she continues to win.

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You can watch the entire episode here.

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