I will admit right here right now, I am not a great speller. Words like definitely and Wednesday mix me up from time to time. Do you tout yourself as a great speller? Did you win the spelling bee in school or do people turn to you for help with how to spell things? Well good for you, for most of us there are words that are just plain tricky to spell.

According to Dr. J. Richard Gentry in an article for Psychology Today, English is the hardest language to learn to spell. In the article Dr. Gentry also blames that "many American schools have replaced explicit spelling instruction with new and fake reading patterns and you've got a recipe for some sort of alphabet soup rather than correct spelling."

Readers Digest worked with WordTips who completed a "study in which they compiled a list of the 350 most commonly misspelled words in the English language along with their most common misspellings. It then analyzed the words used in over two billion Tweets from around the world and isolated the word in each country and state that had the highest percentage of misspellings.

What word trips up Idahoans the most? First let's check out our neighboring states most common misspellings ...

What is the Most Misspelled Word in Idaho and Surrounding States?

Readers Digest worked with WordTips on what each state's most misspelled word is. Before scrolling any guesses on Idaho's and our neighboring states?

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