It's been a tough, not so common winter here in the Boise area. We've received the most snow we've seen since the "snowmageddon" winter of 2016/2017 where we got over 39 inches of snow. So, as the Treasure Valley battles through more snow and frigid temperatures... many Idahoans and new residents find themselves wanting a warm escape.

There's a recent study curated and analyzed by Stacker that has revealed the best cities for retiring, and one state stands out with the most recommended cities—Florida.

Is Florida the Best State for Retirement in 2024?

Photo by FilterGrade on Unsplash
Photo by FilterGrade on Unsplash

Florida has secured the top rank as the best state for retirement, offering Idahoans a perfect combination of warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a thriving community. Now, Idaho has strong communities, but the warm weather during this time of year is undoubtedly appealing to most of us.

While the focus of this article is on retirement, the findings suggest that even for those seeking a simple vacation away from the Idaho winter, Florida is a really good option.

For Idahoans looking to escape the winter chill and have new adventures, this top-ranked state provides a lot of warmth throughout the entire year. Whether it's the attraction of closer proximity to family, tax-friendly environments, or the appeal of golf and outdoor recreation, the small towns in this sought-after destination seem to have it all, especially if you're looking for a simple, warm place to retire.

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