'Tis the season for festive cheer and, unfortunately, hefty holiday expenses. With each passing year, the holidays seem to dig deeper into our pockets, and as spending habits increase, so does the financial burden on many individuals.

A recent report from WalletHub sheds light on the financial landscape of the holiday season, ranking cities across the United States based on their holiday budgets. The study highlights the growing stress associated with seasonal spending, which is worse this year because of high inflation, adding an extra layer of strain to people's already stretched finances.

On a list of 558 cities that were considered, there were 3 Treasure Valley cities, each with their own distinctive holiday budget for 2023. Below are the numbers for these 3 cities in 2022 and 2023, to show just how much things have changed in only 1 year.

Source: WalletHub

3. Nampa

Nampa claimed the 326th spot on the list with an average family budget of $1,051. In 2022, Nampa was 450th with a budget of $777.

2. Boise

Boise secured the 260th spot on the list with an average family budget of $1,187. In 2022, Boise was 397th with a budget of $850.

1. Meridian

Meridian emerged as the high roller, clinching the 207th spot on the list with an average family budget of $1,298. In 2022, Meridian was 185th with a budget of $1,274.

While our cities fall within the middle range when compared nationwide, a closer look reveals Nampa on the lower end and Meridian on the higher end of the spectrum. As we navigate through the festivities this year, it's essential to stay mindful of our holiday budgets and avoid the looming "post-holiday regret."

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