Costco is introducing a new food item to their menu and in-store food courts! The two main questions are: What is the new item, and will it be available at the Boise area and Treasure Valley locations?

Let's jump in! The new item is the Giant Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, priced at $2.49, according to a recent report from TheStreet. The cookies appears to be inspired by Crumbl Cookies, as it is a large treat with approximately 750 calories, set to sweeten the deal after a nice shopping trip at Costco.

Will it be at Treasure Valley Costco locations?

According to multiple reports and a recent conversation with Meridian Costco employees, the answer to this question is yes! The new Giant Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie will be available at local Treasure Valley Costcos as soon as Monday, January 8th, 2024.

Costco's strategic menu revamp is part of a commitment to keep things fresh and exciting each year, and also affordable. A similar Crumbl Cookie would be priced at $4.25, however, Costco is positioning their cookies at $2.49, according to The Snackolator on Instagram.

However, every addition to the menu comes at a cost. The long beloved and cherished churro, a staple of Costco's food court, will be removed from the menu to make room for the new cookie sensation. Costco adheres to a one-in, one-out philosophy in its menu updates.

This raises the question, will the Giant Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie be a success in our area, or will the absence of the cherished churro leave a cinnamon-sugar-shaped hole in the hearts of local patrons? Only time will tell! For now, get the churro while you can, and don't forget to try the new cookie next week.

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