As local commuters are well-aware, the aftermath of extreme winter weather conditions has left the Treasure Valley with plenty of hazardous potholes in the area. Well, as spring is officially settling in, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is gearing up for their annual "Pothole Days," addressing these road hazards.

In their post, ACHD urged community members to help identify potholes on ACHD-maintained roadways. "This week, our crews will be focusing on potholes that have formed over the winter months during our annual Pothole Days! You can help us by reporting potholes that you see on ACHD-maintained roadways."

Now, Idaho is actually home to some of the worst potholes in the country, ranking as the 8th worst state for potholes in America, according to this article. So, ACHD has their work cut out for them, and they need to know about the most dangerous potholes to go take care of first.

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So, in their statement, the agency highlighted the importance of community involvement in reporting potholes, which really helps speed up the repair process.

To streamline the reporting process for potholes, ACHD provided a link to report them:

For reporting potholes on ACHD-maintained roads, residents are encouraged to visit the ACHD TellUs portal. For concerns regarding ITD-maintained roads, including I-84, I-184, and other numbered US and State Highways, residents can use ITD's reporting form.

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