In a continued effort to enhance travel experiences for residents and visitors alike, the Boise Airport has announced the groundbreaking of a new consolidated rent-a-car facility.

Boise Airport | Graphic Rendering
Boise Airport | Graphic Rendering

This development follows the successful opening of the East Parking Garage just 6 months ago, demonstrating the airport's commitment to meeting the growing demands of the community.

However, this move appears to have sparked some mixed reactions and criticism from the community, as recent comments on their Facebook post announcing the project suggest a less-than-enthusiastic response, and other recommended advancements that Treasure Valley residents would like to see instead.

In the comments, patrons expressed concerns and preferences for alternative improvements, proposing different ways to allocate resources in the Boise area and enhance travel experiences. There are also a few people saying this construction is beginning too soon after the building collapse that happened in January.

The upcoming seven-story garage is designed to feature 980 parking stalls, a 20,000-square-foot customer service area, and a 4,000-square-foot covered walkway linking the facility to the terminal. This strategic addition addresses the increasing passenger traffic at the airport and aims to provide convenient and efficient rental car services for travelers.

Boise Airport
Boise Airport

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, who actively participated in the previous expansion celebration, expressed her enthusiasm for the ongoing enhancements. In a statement, she remarked, "The Boise Airport continues to invest in infrastructure that aligns with our vision for a thriving community. This new facility not only addresses the parking needs of our growing city but also enhances the overall travel experience for families, professionals, and adventurers."

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