Can’t we all just get along, Idaho? 

Sometimes, no, not really. Anyone who’s been there knows so many factors and obstacles can get in the way of building good relationships with your neighbors!  

Lifestyle aesthetics, personality quirks, tempers, socioeconomic status, and cultural differences have the power to obliterate your shot at ever borrowing a cup of sugar from 3C.  

Let’s not forget about political friction. Boise-area Trump and Biden supporters tend to be one “Let’s Go Brandon” flag away from hating their neighbor for all of eternity.  



Neighbor vendettas are real.  

They can also be pretty darn petty. If ignored or left unaddressed, neighborly arguments over property lines, parking spaces, trash cans, and maintenance responsibilities have a knack for breeding long-term resentment.  


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You never forget the crazy neighbors.

There’s nothing quite like living next door to a walking, talking nightmare. You know the kind. They’re the ones who call the landlord the moment you start cooking with a seasoning that offends their sense of smell. Or maybe they’re the ones who report you to the HOA if you don’t pull your cans in on the double after trash day.  

Past experiences with nasty neighbors can leave you jaded and more likely to assume the worst of the new family that moved in next door. Still, it's never a wise idea to seek out reasons to complain about your neighbors or call the police on them.

Even if our neighbors were excessively violating the conditions in the gallery below, we'd still think twice before calling the cops on them.

Scroll eight reasons Idahoans call the police on their neighbors.

8 Reasons Idahoans Call the Police on Their Neighbors

You could say calling the cops on your neighbors isn't the most neighborly thing to do. But what about when it's absolutely warranted?

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