When it comes to earning money, Americans have been on a seemingly never-ending financial rollercoaster ever since 2019/2020. We've hit extremely high numbers and extremely low numbers that, according to Stacker, haven’t “been seen since the Great Depression.”

In this recent article from Stacker, they said...

“Where you live can make a big impact on your financial situation. The highest earning county in the U.S. earns $147,111, while the lowest earns $22,292. Stacker compiled a list of the lowest-earning counties in Idaho using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Counties are ranked by the Census’ 2020 5-year estimate median household income.”

Here's the list we made about the 20 Idaho cities that will make the most money in 2023.

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Checking out these lists, you’ll notice many of the cities that will make the most money are right here in the Treasure Valley! So, thankfully we're not only in some of the greatest areas to live in Idaho already, but these cities are also where some of the richest people and highest-paying jobs are located.

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These lists were created by Stacker using data from the U.S. Census Beureau — "Cities are ranked by 2019 5-year estimate median household income and all have at least 3,000 households." Since these years, the numbers have only become crazier.

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