The "strangest food in Idaho" is among some of the weirdest food in America, but it's really not that strange if you ask us! But, what do you think? Also, what or who decides if something is "strange?" That would be pretty hard to judge!

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There's a recent article from 24/7 Tempo that shares the strangest foods from each state, and they said...

"Despite the unstoppable expansion of homogenous fast-food places across the land, every region, every state, probably almost every town and city has its own way of cooking and combining foods and discovering things to eat that other places disdain or ignore."

This will be interesting, what do you think they shared about us?

What's the strangest food in Idaho?

Google Maps | Karen Christian
Google Maps | Karen Christian | Westside Drive In

According to 24/7 Tempo, the strangest food in Idaho is finger steaks.

"No, we’re not talking Hannibal Lecter here. Considered Idaho’s signature food, these are simply strips of buttermilk-marinated steak breaded and deep-fried, then served with barbecue or cocktail sauce."

Are finger steaks really that weird?!

But I guess we can count our blessings. Other states weren't so lucky. Alabama made the list with banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, and New Mexico made the list with green chili ice cream sundaes... now THOSE are strange food combinations!

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