No one likes getting pulled over by an officer. Not unless it's like something from an old movie where that's how you met your future spouse. But, we all know that's not how it goes down - getting pulled over sucks.

That being said - there is one car in particular that you definitely do not want pulling you over.

Imagine getting pulled over by this...

There's nothing fun about getting pulled over but what if you're pulled over by a squad car that had its theme changed to a local high school? Want some more salt on that wound? Imagine being pulled over by this car introduced by Caldwell police AND graduating from said local high school:

Don't get us wrong: the car looks amazing, and it's a cool way for Caldwell police to connect with the community.

But, if you get pulled over by this bad boy? It would have to sting a little more than being pulled over by a "normal" squad car... right? What do you think?

You have to give credit to law enforcement for upping their community outreach game. Police in Nampa are even taking it a step further by teaming up with residents. They recently asked people to share a very personal tool to help in the fight against crime.

Would you do this?

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