If there's one thing that is always certain about the Treasure Valley, it's that the community always rises when one of their own is in need.

This Saturday is a chance for the community to come together and help an injured soldier from Caldwell.

Helping a hero in need

Army SPC Chad Pfeifer from Caldwell, Idaho is just like most of us. He loves the Gem State, is an avid golfer, is a proud family man to his wife, Summer, and his three boys: Grady, Lucien, and Barrett.

Unfortunately, SPC Pfeifer suffered a devastating injury back in 2007 while serving in Iraq. The result of that injury changed SPC Pfeifer's life forever and living in his current home can be a struggle.

It's easy for a lot of us to forget how many things in life we take for granted - especially at home. Whereas most of us don't have to worry about some of those things, injured heroes like SPC Pfeifer have to deal with things like his wheelchair being difficult to navigate on carpet, narrow doorways, and several other things a lot of civilians don't think about every day.

Thankfully, organizations like Home For Our Troops are stepping up to show our veterans not only that we appreciate their sacrifices for our freedoms, but that we want to make sure they're able to live a comfortable life after those sacrifices.

You'll be able to help SPC Pfeifer this week din Caldwell thanks to Homes For Our Troops. Here is what we need to know...

Hey, Idaho! An Injured Soldier From Caldwell Needs Our Help!

Let's meet the hero from Caldwell that we can help this weekend thanks to Homes For Our Troops.

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You can hear and learn more about SPC Pfeifer's story below:

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