Zach Bryan played an incredible show at the Ford Idaho Center Arena Thursday night, and there is no doubt that it left a lasting impression — the musicality and instrumental talents of his band were out of this world.

Plus, it was so nice being inside for this one! It's been like 105-degrees, so to be inside and staying cool was great. However, it was still warm because the Ford Idaho Center was so full of Zach Bryan fans! And he mentioned being hot, too, because apparently he got sunburnt spending about 2 days on the Boise River!

We've got pictures from the concert below, but we wanted to also share some of the highlights.

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

First and foremost, Zach Bryan's band, folks. Phenomenal doesn't even cut it. The instrumentals were a masterpiece in motion, featuring the upright bass, banjos, and—wait for it—trumpets! And the trumpet solos? Those were absolute fire and it definitely wowed the crowd.

Second, Molly from Idaho! Molly is a young Zach Bryan fan from the area, and she's got a TikTok where she posts Zach Bryan covers. He had her join him on stage for a song! When they were talking about it in her TikTok comments, he said, "only if you play the guitar for it."

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

And she did! She played the guitar and sang beautifully "She's Alright" with Zach Bryan! She stepped onto that big stage and shared a song with her musical idol. Goosebumps, anyone?

We've seen a lot of concerts, but this one? It's etched in our memory. From Molly's moment to the stellar instrumentals and trumpet solos etc. — it was a rollercoaster of emotions that we won't forget.

Idaho loves you Zach, and we'll see you next time!

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