Here we are in the year 2024 and the prospect of flying cars soaring above our heads still sounds like the stuff of science fiction. The truth is, there is a company based in California that is turning this sci-fi dream into a reality. But, what would life with flying cars would truly be like?

Are flying cars a good or bad idea?

First, the logistics: how would sky cars integrate into Idaho's current infrastructure? Would they replace traditional cars or coexist alongside them? What about safety protocols and regulations to manage air traffic? And what about landing areas? Idaho's spacious landscape offers plenty of open areas, but are we seriously equipped to land a flying car somewhere in say like... Meridian?

Also - how do we determine who can drive a flying vehicle? Will sky cars remain a luxury for the wealthy or become a commonplace mode of transport accessible to all Idahoans?

Don't even get us started on fuel costs and any fees the government might impose on us flying drivers.

California is looking to bring flying cars sooner rather than later

A company in California known as Aef Aeronautics is looking to introduce flying cars to the world sooner rather than later. They just had their design certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2023 and that could mean we're inching closer to the reality of seeing flying cars in our lifetime.

Let's look at the details surrounding Aef Aeronautics and their flying car that might see the light of day soon.

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It's hard to deny that it looks awesome and you can preorder your flying car here.

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