We're in the thick of football season and outside of a tasty beverage, nothing pairs better with the game than food. So, it makes sense that a former NFL great wants to deliver the best food there is to deliver on game day in a town that loves football.

Is the Treasure Valley ready for championship-caliber cuisine?

The Treasure Valley is home to a lot of amazing foods but the game is about to change when an NFL legend brings the taste of Louisiana to Idaho.

There have been talks for some time about a Louisiana-inspired restaurant coming to Idaho for some time and we're excited to see where the first location will pop up. But, if we're being honest - we're actually waiting to see where former Superbowl MVP, Drew freaking Brees is going to bring his restaurant.

Let's look at what we know...

New Restaurant Supported by Former Superbowl MVP is Coming to Idaho

Let's take a look at the new restaurant that is coming to Idaho that is backed by NFL legend, Drew Brees.

We've looked and can't find any recent updates on an opening date but when we do, you better believe we'll let you know. But, in the meantime, if you're looking for the ultimate game day snack/meal and want the best, check out out the best places to get the best wings in Boise.

The Best Chicken Wings in Boise To Enjoy For Game Day

Chicken wings and sports go hand-in-hand! Here is where you can enjoy the best chicken wings on game day in Boise...

Let's be real - you want a real meal on game day. You want that steak dinner that makes you feel like royalty... with a side of creamy mashed side of "I'm the boss."

In case you didn't know, that means handmade macaroni and cheese - because if you have breadcrumbs on your side dish, you know you've made it. Never mind the fact that you probably want the perfect medium-rare steak to pair with this delicious mac and Heaven.

Here is where you can get the best cut of meat...

Is The Best Steakhouse in The Treasure Valley in Boise?

Who doesn't love themselves a delicious ribeye? A filet? A sirloin? No matter your favorite cut of meat, the Treasure Valley is home to some of the best steakhouses. Who's number one?

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