If you share Christmas with anyone under one roof, the topic of a Christmas tree is always interesting. If you have kids, they usually want something extravagant or at least want to leave their mark on decorating the tree.

If you have someone you love and want to impress (yes, even if you're married), maybe you want to go the extra mile with your tree this year.

Go big or go home... hopefully, with a tree!

One of the best things about sharing Christmas with someone is choosing the tree. Sure, you could save a few bucks and invest in a plastic one that's reusable every year... or, you can brave the Idaho wilderness and win some street cred with that special someone.

How, you ask? By chopping down your own Christmas tree.

This author has never actually done that, but we imagine that it has to be a badge of honor. Like, you've graduated into a new tier of Christmas.

Think about it.

Your spouse has Janet and her husband PJ come over for some whiskey and Connect Four. All of a sudden, Janet and PJ walk through the door and the smell of Father Christmas AKA your tree, just clocks them in the face.

At this point, they don't know if they walked into their neighbor's house or into the igloo of the man himself, Kris "Santa Freaking Clause" Kringle. And, because you chopped this tree down (or they'll find out when you tell them where you "found it") they know what's up and who runs Christmas on their block.

But, not so fast...

We know - we sold the dream before we shared the work that goes into it with you. We broke down some of the do's and don't of chopping down your tree in Idaho thanks to the USDA Forest Service.

Let's look at what you need to know before you live out the American dream of having your own custom tree in the living room.

What To Know About Cutting Down Your Christmas Tree in Idaho

Here are the do's and don'ts you should probably review if this is your first time going out to cut down your own tree...

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For more information on Christmas tree cutting, you can check out the USDA Forest Service's site on the topic here.

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