Exactly what are those tiny balls hovering over Boise?

If you’ve ever gazed up at the sky on a stroll through Boise, you might have noticed tiny white, red, or yellow markers seemingly hanging in the air.

Curious, you probably wondered if they were decorative, or who put them there or what they're used for. Those decorative-looking sky ornaments are actually strategically-placed safety tools called aerial markers.

Are aerial markers harder to spot when it snows in Idaho?

Aerial markers are equipped with a reflective sheen to make them easier to spot when visibility takes a hit during winter. Imagine you're a local engineer for Idaho Power looking out at a snow-covered landscape on your drive up 55 North. Or maybe you're a pilot flying above.

Whether you're the engineer or the pilot, you can hardly discern a tiny ball dangling in the air from a distance. That's when the marker's reflective sheen saves the day. The reflective, glossy finish makes them noticeable amidst flurries and cloudy skies.

Can harsh winter weather damage Idaho's aerial markers?

With its icy temps and blankety snowfalls, we wondered about the resilience of the markers amidst Idaho's harsh winter conditions.

According to Energized by Edison, markers weigh approximately 17 pounds, and they're strategically positioned in mountain passes like Bogus Basin, throughout Boise's Treasure Valley, along I-84/major highways, and around Boise Airport.

Regarding their durability, the markers are made of pretty sturdy materials and they're purposefully designed to endure Idaho's biting cold and relentless snowfalls.

Can high winds during Idaho winter storms displace aerial markers?

The factor that determines a marker's ability to withstand winter storms comes down to proper installation. It's not just about putting them up; it's about mounting them securely.

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Idaho's known for its stunning snowy landscapes, but it's also infamous for gusty winds and serious snow storms. That's why it's so important to make sure markers are securely anchored. It's a proactive measure that can prevent potential dislodging or damage during bouts of high winds and disruptive storms.

Despite how brutal they tend to be, at least we know aerial markers were built to outlast Idaho winter weather.

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