This has gotta be one of the coolest holidays on the planet... it’s National Spoil Your Dog Day!

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If y’all are like me, you love the hell out of your dogs, but you get so caught in the hustle and bustle that sometimes you forget to really give back to your dogs and show them the attention they deserve.

So, today, spoil em’ a little more!

National Today says, “It might be a sickness but we’re stupid in love with our dogs! National Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10, encourages us to buy that $25 “indestructible” toy that we’ve been swearing up and down we would never buy. Granted, dogs can be a little needy but during times when it seems nobody loves us —they always do. Dogs are hilarious and they don’t hold it against us when we make them wear silly hats and sunglasses. Dogs happily slurp any food we drop on the floor. They only want a warm bed, belly rubs and walks in the park.  Today, make Moxie feel special — get her nails painted pink!”

Keep scrolling for 5 Fun & Easy Ways to Spoil Your Dogs This Week, as well as the available dogs at the West Valley Humane Society right now 👇

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