The following article about 10 legit reasons Boise is the worst actually contains a lot of sarcasm, so here's your warning that if you don't like or get sarcasm, please proceed with caution haha!

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We’re living in a time where Idaho, Boise specifically, is constantly making it onto national lists as one of the best places to live in America.

While normally this would be viewed as kind of a good thing, Idahoans are really tired of hearing about this, and we don’t want people to continue moving here because they’ve been hearing for years how amazing it is.

It kinda feels like we had one of the nation’s best kept secrets, and now the secret’s out and people are moving here by the droves.

It’s true, Boise is home to some of the most incredible parks, museums, scenery, restaurants, and attractions in the country, and it literally seems like every week I stumble across at least one list where Boise is “the best in America” for a certain category.

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Boise and the nearby cities, especially Meridian, are all growing drastically, and even the older downtown scenes are starting to come alive again with the influx of new bars and breweries and local shops.

Boise and the surrounding areas are known for being the perfect places for outdoor activities, too, having some of the most stunning small towns in America and offering never-ending fun outdoors activities, places to explore, and really easy-to-access mountains, hills, rivers, valleys, and canyons etc.

But in all actuality, *We think Boise is a terrible place to live, and here are 10 reasons why* 👇

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