Stanley Responds to Lead Claims 

Over the last few days, the internet, the media, and Stanley-obsessed Idahoans have been losing it over claims that the trendiest water cup on the market is poisonous.

Scary thought if it's true, but is it? 

Potentially. In an interview with, a rep from the $750 million corporation explained Stanley cups do, in fact, contain lead, but not in the way most people imagine.  

The rep explained the presence of lead in a Stanley Cups doesn't necessarily make it a threat to human health. Then, (sort of like a 10-year-old shifting the blame on their sibling), they added they're not the only company that uses the toxic chemical element. Wouldn't you know, they were right.  

A lot of companies use lead because of the strength and durability it adds to a product, a fact we verified with the Centers for Disease Control via Google.  

What part of a Stanley Cup contains lead? And how's it still safe?

The small amount of lead is in a disc-like pellet inside a Stanley Cup. It's what regulates the cup's temperature.  

Because the lead-based pellet is covered and sealed within a stainless-steel barrier, it's considered a safe beverage container. Also, if it makes you feel any better, Stanley says its products are rigorously tested and certified safe by independent third-party labs.  


So, why are people freaking out over Stanley Cups? 

Sorry to all the sensitive doves out there, but the Stanley Cup freak-out is mob mentality at its most over-dramatic. Everyone needs to chill. 

The only time an Idaho Stanley Cup owner has cause for concern is when the stainless-steel base is damaged or cracks off, an occurrence the Stanley rep says is exceedingly "rare." If your Stanley Cup is damaged or defective, follow this link

To date, there aren't any Stanley Cup recalls listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission registry. So, if your Stanley Cup is fine, you're fine, Idaho.

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