As you may already know, I have infinite love for Pete Davidson. I consume his content like it's medicine on the daily. A skit featuring him that was performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend was in my unbiased opinion, one of the better skits I've seen in a while on the show.

If you are a true millennial you will appreciate this too! Pete Davidson spoofed Eminem's 2000 singe, "Stan" with a Christmas twist. Pete plays Stu, a lifelong fan, who sits in his basement writing obsessive letters to Santa Clause begging him for a PlayStation 5. He goes increasingly obsessive and threatening throughout the song as his letters go unanswered. Finally Santa writes him back saying "you have the wrong address."

Kate McKinnon is also featured in the skit as Dido, who was featured in the original music video. One of the highlights was Bowen Yang who played  Elton John. If you remember, Elton John did a duet of "Stan" with Eminem at the 43rd Grammy Awards in 2001.

Slim Shady himself even makes a cameo at the end too! He's shown on a TV in the background of Stu's basement opening Christmas presents from Santa. One of the presents is a PS5. "I didn't even ask for this. I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year," Eminem says. "Sorry, Stu. You f----ed up."

Wearing a white tank top with bleached blonde hair, Pete Davidson executed this perfectly. Watching this was the highlight of my day and I did so at least 10 times.

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