This is my fiance's "dissertation" fish. She's wanted a fish for years so as a sort of motivator while she completes her PhD, I caved and welcomed a blue beta fish to the Moug household. What should we name him? Do you even name a fish?

I guess the cool thing about a fish is they're relatively low maintenance, they don't care if you're gone all day and the tank has a waterfall so I don't have to say "hey google, make rain noise" when I go to bed.

I also feel like we put together some nice digs for this little guy. He's got a heater to make sure his temperature is in the right zone at all times, he's got a sushi bar (ironically) to hit up when he's hungry, some plants and some nice rocks. It's pretty sleek!

Any thoughts on a name? We know he's a male cause the glass plastic cup he came in indicated so. Also, is it weird to name fish?

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