A PNW Favorite Opens In Downtown Boise
Anthony's has been a staple for seafood in the Seattle area since 1969 and they just opened their first Treasure Valley location in Downtown Boise with a really impressive menu.
HUGE Goldfish Found in Lake
My guess is someone was moving or just didn't want the fish anymore, instead of flushing it, like most people would do, they let it out into 'the wild' aka a nearby lake where it has been happily living under the radar and apparently feasting for years.
It’s Gotten Fishy At My House
This is my fiance's "dissertation" fish. We already have pets but she's wanted a fish for years so as a sort of motivator while she completes her dissertation and her PhD, I caved and welcome a beta fish to the Moug household.
Invasive Species of Fish Found in Redwood Park Pond
Redwood Park Pond in Boise has been shut down as Idaho Department of Fish and Game officers work to rid the pond of an invasive species of fish. Rosy Red Shiner, a type of minnow from the Midwest were illegally added to the pond.
The department plans to treat the pond with rotenone, a naturally-occur…
Chinook Salmon Release Into The Boise River
150 Chinook salmon will be released into the Boise River this afternoon.
There will be a mixture of adults and jacks. Release sites will be near Glenwood Road, West Parkcenter Boulevard, Barber Park, and Americana Boulevard.
Because of construction near the Americana release site, there is no parking …
Now What?!
So this happened.  I made the discovery that our pet betta fish was deceased, lying on the bottom of the fish tank, and the kids weren't home to see it.
Roped into Another Pet
Kids always want a pet it seems.  My three daughters seem to rotate the duty of asking for a new pet, even though we have a miniature schnauzer named Harry and he's a good boy and not in danger of losing his role in the family.  When I point out that we could just settle in and be content with Harry…