I am a fan of cooking and eating but one thing that takes so long is grilling ribs and using a smoker.

Now let me start by saying I have so much respect and love for good Braqueurs and people who can make amazing BBQ. I love good BBQ, but I am not one of those people. I grabbed a thing of pork spare ribs hoping for an easy dinner but then realized good ribs take forever, or do they? Well yes they do but I needed a quick fix and when this hungry not as picky.

Do you have any advice or first hand experience with quick and easy ribs?  I did find one recipe that only took 40 minutes and that is about as long as I can take. That's the time until I am too hungry and then I end up taking things off the grill too early and it's ruined or has to go back on and I am waiting even longer.

I would love to know more about grilling. I have been doing more kabobs and satay on the grill and love it but have no idea what I am doing.

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