Lots of people were heartbroken when Toys 'R' us when out of business last year after a horrible sales season for the holidays in 2017. But it looks like Geoffrey the giraffe and Toys 'R' Us might be coming back after all.

According to our friends at KTVB the new company Tru Kids Inc.announced today that they have taken over as the parent company of several Toys 'R' Us brands including Babies 'R' Us and Geoffrey the giraffe.

Let's get to the important stuff like is Toys 'R' Us coming back to the Treasure Valley. That question is still up in the air as the company is exploring a variety of options that would include stand-alone stores and the recently popular pop-up shops. The company hasn't released many details about it's business strategy yet.

Personally I would love to see Geoffrey the giraffe and Toys 'R' Us come back to the Treasure Valley. I had no idea how much I was going to miss The Big Toy Book Catalog they always release before Christmas with all of the coolest toys.

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