Idaho is for Meat Lovers

There's no denying the prevalence of meat lovers here in the Gem State. While Boise is One of the Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in America, it's largely understood that the Idaho food scene is a cornucopia of elk, bison, cow, and pig.

But did you know that dog meat could be what's sizzling on your neighbor's grill tonight? The rare and taboo practice of cooking and consuming man's best friend is legal in Idaho and 43 other states around the country.

Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash // Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash // Canva
Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash // Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash // Canva

Dog...It Could Be What's for Dinner

USA Today reports that while The Dog & Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017 makes it "illegal in all states for slaughterhouses to handle dogs and cats, and it's illegal for stores to sell the meat," private citizens "can kill and eat a dog or cat or sell the meat to other people" in most states. According to a report by CBS News, only six states had explicitly banned the practice as of 2018: California, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Virginia, and Georgia.


Punishments & Puppy Paté

Just to recap: it's illegal for slaughterhouses and businesses to butcher cats and dogs for human consumption, but Jane Doe in Idaho can garnish her charcuterie board with puppy paté at her next wine night with the girls. Is it just us, or do you find that rather confusing and pointless?

Punishments for the commercial slaughter and transportation of cat and dog meat are limited. Businesses that violate the act could be fined up to $5,000. However, until there's clear Federal authority on the issue, little more can be done.

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