There is no shortage of Idaho pride from all who live here, especially from Idaho natives. And that's how it should be! The gem state has much to offer. The scenery is next to none with rolling hills and sparkling rivers; lush foliage; mountains literally bathed in purple at sunset. It is easy to whip out your phone's camera and capture a landscape shot worthy of an influencer's Instagram feed.

It's the perfect blend of small town vibes and big city living. Plenty of local, unique places you'll only find here yet you can still shop Target and Costco and eat at Yard House. Downtown Boise easily rivals Vegas's and Nashville's. Fancy residential areas are often surrounded by quaint farms. It's one of my favorite things about living in Meridian.

The sense of community is stronger than a figure-eight follow-through knot dipped in Gorilla Glue. Every day you can find a new happening in the Treasure Valley designed to bring people together in celebration or help others in need. At the 12 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive it became abundantly clear that Idaho residents will always answer a call to action. When Moug & Angie Morning's asked for help in facilitating a happy Christmas for families who would otherwise go without, donations of toys, gift cards, bikes, and cash rolled in like the tide.

But would a tourist who's only here for a week or so pick up on all these things? What is the Idaho they experience when visiting? What taste does Idaho leave in their mouth? I went ahead and asked man named Vik who visited from Las Vegas for the week. Here's what he had to say.

Angie: What was your preconception about visiting Idaho? What were you expecting?

Vik: That I was going into a friendly clean environment.

Angie: What was your first impression when you arrived? Did it line up with your expectations?

Vik: I saw what I expected to see a clean organized place . Kinda like a scripted town doing what it’s supposed to do .

Angie: Based on your interactions with people, how would you summarize your impression of locals?

Vik: I had only a few dealings with the people but they were all very good at having conversation. Also spent most time in the downtown [Boise] area which seems very college town and a town ready to thrive again .

Angie: What surprised you?

Vik: The biggest surprise I experienced was the lack of public transportation like busses.

Angie: What disappointed you?

Vik: No real disappointments. I guess if I had to choose, would be some of the food  But I’m sure because of times a lot of places aren’t acting at their full potential and that is disappointing.

Angie: Would you visit again?

Vik: I plan on visiting Boise a few more times in life. It does have a lot to offer If you look for it .

There you have it, folks. This great state makes a good impression from jump. I'll be sure to let him know about the housing costs and gas prices in case he gets any ideas to move here though. Juuuust kidding.

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