I have come to the realization I must be doing something wrong.  I've been trying to sell my sectional couch on Facebook Marketplace, and I can't seem to get it done. 

Maybe it's over-priced?  Maybe it's that the size is a bit unusual (it's built for a rectangular room for sure).  Maybe it's the color?

At this point, there has been a good amount of interest, I've had people out to my house to see it, and no one has opted to even make a counter-offer on my price.

I'm moving this coming weekend and my new house is amazing - but - it has a traditionally shaped living room.  A square.  This couch doesn't really fit that with a 14-foot length and 7-foot width.  I also just don't have the budget to purchase a new couch for the new house without making at least a bit of money off of this old one.  Either that or a couple months to rebuild some savings.

My plan was to ask (what I thought was) a fair price, take a couple of nice pictures, list it on Facebook Marketplace, and watch it walk out the front door.

I purchased the couch for $1699 four years ago.  It's been in a non-pet and non-smoking house and it's in really good shape.  Minor wear in a couple of spots, no big stains, and the fabric has held up really well.

I decided to ask $1200 for it.  I figured four years old and good shape, $500 down would be fair.  That price point saw very little interest.  I decided to knock it down to $1000.  That brought in three or four people to come to the house and check it out.  The first thought it was too big, the second felt the color was too light, the third wanted to offer $500, and the last liked it but went with something else.

I dropped the price again to $900 this weekend, and so far, no bites at $900 either.

What am I doing wrong here?  Is it just harder to sell anything for that much money on Facebook Marketplace?  Am I over-priced?  Is it just the couch is not appealing?

I'm at a loss and I'm running out of time.




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