Having attended Idaho's Largest Garage Sale last month and playing the game Treasure Valley Classifieds Price is Right (Guessing the cost of items found in classified ads) twice a week on Moug & Angie Mornings on Mix 106, I found myself comparing the methods of buying people's used things. When it comes to acquiring things you need but don't want to buy new, what do you rely on? Do you hop on Facebook Marketplace and start searching for specific items, or do you roll around the Treasure Valley hitting up garage sales hoping to find what you need?

I'm a garage sale kind of girl. I'm a 90's kid. There was no such thing as going online to find what you wanted. Instead you'd hop in the car with the family and roll through neighborhoods on the weekends searching for someone having a garage sale. Everyone would get out and start scouring through items scattered on tables and piled in boxes, almost never finding the item you had in mind, rather all kinds of other cool stuff you didn't know you needed. And when you finally did find what you were looking for, you'd feel such a rush of joy and adrenaline you'd think you were Indiana Jones finding a treasure. If it doesn't come with that nostalgic vibe, I don't want it!

But I can't deny Facebook Marketplace has its appeal. In terms of practicality, it's obviously easier to hop on and just do a narrowed search for your desired item. And seriously hundreds of options will pop up with detailed descriptions and a set price. I mean, it's pretty genius. And I have multiple friends who swear by it and have gotten some awesome stuff like fire pits and dressers and pianos. And I'll admit that going to a garage sale has no guarantees which can often lead to going home empty handed. Still, where's the thrill?!

So if you had to choose one way for the rest of your life to procure used items, what's got your vote? Garage sales or Facebook Marketplace?

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