I mean, I made it a point to see the oldest standing Starbucks when my fiance and I took our (socially distanced) vacation to Seattle last week.

I mean, this is the year I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time (I even made a song about it), I have enough Starbucks points at any given time to buy drinks and merch for my whole family, I really have become the most basic Starbucks bro.

My fiance Stacy and I decided it was time we took a vacation. We moved to Idaho in January and haven't had a break at all and with Covid-19 and all, it's been a long year so we reserved an Air BNB in Seattle and set sail! Er, well, got in the car and drove to Seattle.

It was a unique trip to Seattle. Obviously a lot of things out there are closed down (sign of the times, am I right?) but we took advantage of a lot of cool outdoor things to do. We found Bainbridge island and decided if we ever hit it rich, that's where we're going to by our dream home on the water.

A Seattle must-do of course is Pike Place market, so of course we had some fresh fish and visited the longest standing Starbucks. It's not the original, however. The original was a street or two away and moved to Pike's Place Market back in 1976 but it was still pretty cool to see. I do love all of our local coffee joints, (even did an article about it once), but I do love some Starbucks, too!


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