It seems like these days, there are more people against Valentine's Day then for it. I love love so I am all for it! If you disagree with me then you need to read this.


We are so busy in our lives and what is left is sucked up by social media. That's why I'm a fan of Valentine's Day.I love love!! I think a day to stop and literally smell the roses that your man sent you is needed. The world seems so disconnected and impersonal these days. Why not share a candlelight dinner? Why not take a bubble bath together? For a relationship to work you have to invest time and energy into it. When you hit the commitment stage with someone that is not the finish line, that is the start. I understand that a certain card maker has made Valentine's Day feel like a pink and purple hippo puked all over the place. Take the teddy bears and boxes of chocolates out of the equation and then think about it. Why not say I love You to your special person? My favorite is the argument, "Why do we need a specific date to celebrate love? We should do it everyday." Agreed. It should be done everyday...but the truth is, it's not. We get too busy with work deadlines and get kids and family and Candy Crush and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I saw an article this morning about 75 ways to be romantic year round. It made me think of the Valentine's Day Haters. If you are still against February 14th, this list is for you!

1. Refrain from saying “I told you so.”
2. Call and ask if your partner needs anything when you’re out running errands.
3. Heat up their side of the bed on cold nights.
4. Kiss them when you get up from the dinner table.
5. Send them funny GIFs or pictures that remind you of them.


~Happy Valentine's Day~