If you've been following the back and forth about the new development at Linder & Chinden in Meridian, you might have heard the new WinCo store is a "no-go."  Not quite yet. 

Though there has been a public hearing and hours of public comment, and the concept for what would be called Linder Village received a unanimous "no" vote from the Meridian Planning and Zoning Commission, the developer says the proposal is not dead yet.

In fact, he says he doesn't care to change his plans and hopes to proceed after a Meridian City Council meeting on November 21st.

WinCo Foods would be a major part of the development, and for many of us who call the northwest corner of Meridian home, the ideal of a closer WinCo is very appealing.

The original proposal for site had WInCo along with smaller stores, and even the potential for another larger retailer (the rumor had been Costco) to be a part of the project.

The biggest concerns expressed and ultimately cause for the concern of the Commission was the proximity of the large stores to houses and the look of the development.  Traffic concerns and even the 24 hour operation of WinCo were also on the list.

You can find more on this from the Idaho Statesman.

We will know more about how and if the project will proceed after the City Council meeting.


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