Head over to Albertson's, WinCo or Fred Meyers with $60 and get ready to put smiles on the faces of 10 people... Patriotism on a budget this 4th!

Entrees, sides, drinks and even treats... All handled for about $6/per person. Now, this may vary a bit depending on which Treasure Valley grocer you tend to shop with, but you should be able to feed everyone for about $6 per person. Here's how it'll work out for you. The American Farm Bureau Federation did the math for us and figured out how much it will cost on average, to serve ten people their favorite bbq items and this is what they came up with:

1.  Two pounds of hamburger, plus cheese and buns . . . $13.91.

2.  Three pounds of pork . . . $11.63.

3.  Two pounds of boneless chicken breasts . . . $6.74.

4.  Two-and-a-half pounds of homemade potato salad . . . $2.75.

5.  32 ounces of beans . . . $1.90.

6.  A 13-ounce bag of potato chips . . . $4.93.

7.  Chocolate chip cookies . . . $4.02.

8.  Two pints of strawberries . . . $5.30.

9.  A half-gallon of vanilla ice cream . . . $4.69.

10.  Lemonade for ten people . . . $3.65.

Now, this doesn't seem to account for hot dogs so add a couple dollars there, make sure to get some beer for everyone so you'll have to add some money there. In fact, take a hundred dollar bill with you and have enough to entertain a full army because while everything seems to be expensive in 2021, a bbq for 10 people is still VERY, very manageable, and has held steady since last year's 4th of July celebration. So if you were hesitant about hosting for financial reasons, now you know what it'll cost, and make every pitch in!

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