Why Are We Like This?

When it comes to road rules, no other state does weird quite like Idaho. Honestly, the same can be said about Idaho drivers. More often than most are willing to admit, native and transplant Idahoans alike seem to struggle with the most basic driving maneuvers and practices, including:

  • Traffic Circles. Getting in and out of a traffic circle in Idaho can cost you your bumper or more. For reasons we can't articulate, the concept of signaling in and signaling out of a traffic circle is a lost cause for many of us.
  • Fog Lights. We've long harbored the theory that Idaho fog possesses the power to transform the most competent drivers into total dingbats. But don't worry, they're not hard to spot on foggy days, as they're the ones using their brights to effectively blind every motorist around them.
  • Four-Way Stop Intersection. Four-ways stops are the Achilles' Heel of Idaho drivers old and new, but the law on the right-of-way is crystal clear.

When a vehicle or pedestrian must yield the right-of-way, letting another vehicle or pedestrian pass through an intersection first. Always remember that right-of-way is something to be given, not taken.

-Chapter 2, Idaho Traffic Laws



Road Rules No One Talks About

Even if you passed your Idaho Driver's License Test with flying colors, we highly suggest familiarizing yourself with the road rules not featured on the exam! Read on for a list of Idaho's strangest road rules no one ever talks about, but everyone should know about!

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