This lake home in Coeur d'Alene is unlike any other. Referred to as the "stair home" it's like the ultimate treehouse on a lake! It's built on stilts and has five levels of outdoor stairs. It's perfect for life on the lake and vacationing as the original owner built it as a place for his family to be able to escape. As for living in it year-round though, there comes some functionality issues as you might imagine.

Sure there's plenty of spaces to crash but since there are no closets in any of these rooms, technically a lot of these areas can't be counted as legal bedrooms. In fact, some of these "rooms" are just small cubbies - perfect for kids not so much adults. There is also no full oven, just a microwave. Oh and one more thing.. there is no running water, so there's that!

But let's look at what this one of a kind stair home does have to offer though! There's tons of deck space so plan to spend most of your time catching rays and soaking in some amazing lake views. The large side deck runs the length of the structure and there's multiple rooftop decks. You also won't have to worry about where to park your boat as the dock covers 900 square feet which is enough for two big boats and four personal watercrafts.

Listing agent, Lisa Ciraulo says, “There’s nothing else like this home on the lake. The architecture is a very unique design, something that you won’t find very often."

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