People who have this kind of money live on an entirely different planet! I can't imagine being able to buy anything and not having to worry about being able to pay my bills. Can you guess who the richest person in Idaho is? The answer may surprise you!

Frank Vandersloot 

is the richest person in Idaho with a wealth of $3.7 Billion. You read that right, billion with a B. I can't fathom a million dollars, let alone a billion dollars!

Vandersloot is the founder and head of consumer products and supplements company Melaleuca according to the findings on

The person that I first thought of when it comes to success and money out of Idaho is Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame. Paul's gorgeous McCall cabin was recently feature in Architectural Digest magazine and his net worth sits at $16 million. A far cry from Vandersloot's $3.7 Billion, but still not too shabby!

Can you think of any other Idahoan's who have made it big? Lets see if we can come up with a Top 10 list of Idaho's wealthiest and then we can all live vicariously through them!

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