Don't you dare ride a merry-go-round on Sunday ANYWHERE in the state, and if I ever left Meridian for Eagle, I might have to do some hard time in the slammer!

I'm not much of a merry-go-round guy so this won't won't ruin my Sunday by any means but it is totally illegal to ride one on Sundays. Don't even think about it, you criminal! Thanks to, we now know some of the bizarre laws, things that are illegal in Idaho, that may have been for good reason at one point in time but are simply bizarre now.

Riding a Merry-Go-Round on Sunday is ILLEGAL!


If you live within the Eagle city limits, sweeping dirt from your yard or driveway into the street is ILLEGAL! I use my blower to blow dirt and rocks into the street all the time at my house in Meridian, but in my defense, that stuff typically blows into my driveway from the street sooooo...


This one might be my favorite... I just got married so if my wife ever tries to put me in the dog house, guess again! It's ILLEGAL in the state of Idaho to sleep in a dog kennel or house so I'll reserve my spot on the couch, thank you!


Now, I've got to think that the police are not actively patrolling these issues so if you're a bit of a rebel, you might get away with some of it but be careful, you don't want to end up in the slammer!

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