Seriously. Tater tots are tots, not fries, but somehow, while other states are obsessed with waffle, curly, steak or crinkle cut, Idaho picked Tots as our favorite "fry". Is this real?

Look, this is the land of potatoes... In fact, the best potatoes I've had in my entire life have been right here in Idaho. Fork Downtown, to be specific, had what I believe are the best tasting mashed potatoes I've had in my 34 and a half years. I digress. Zippia shared a study on which type of potato each state is oddly obsessed with. For Idaho, it was the tater tot. Waffle fries and cheese fries seemed to be the most beloved in the United States as they claimed 12 states each.

Tater tots were just behind those though as the big winner in SEVEN states, including here in Idaho. Shoestring fries, Sweet potato fries, steak fries, curly fries, crinkle-cut and chili cheese seemed to divvy up the rest of the states. I just have a hard time believing that here, in Idaho, our favorite type of "fry", isn't even a fry at all! If they had surveyed me, I would have gladly told them that I'm a cheese fry kinda guy. Go big or go home, right?

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What about you? What fry tickles your fancy? Do you like crunchy McDonald's fries? BK Fries? Soft/soggy fries? (some people really do, I've seen it) Maybe you're a garlic fry kind of person. Actually, I change my mind. Toss out the cheese fries and give me some hot, fresh, Red Robin garlic fries and I'll live happier ever after.

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