I figure that the potato state would know a little something about quality-tasting french fries. A company called Spruce recently analyzed Google Trends data to determine the most popular fast food fries as well as the most popular style of french fries in each state. Mcdonald's french fries took the crown here in Idaho and in 15 other states. I personally agree - McDonald's fries are top tier. When it comes to the style of fries, regionally, the west was split between curly fries and cheese fries. The midwest was also split but between waffles fries and curly fries. The south favored waffle fries and the northeast is keen to home fries.

Let's shift away from fast-food now and focus on local restaurants in the Treasure Valley with french fries so good they could be a main dish. Here's a few that I found but I'd love to know every place that you recommend!

  • Boise Fry Company (multiple locations)
  • Fork (199 N 8th St)
  • Good Burger (1003 W Main St)
  • Big Jud's (1289 S Protest Rd)
  • Bar Genika (202 S Capital Blvd)
  • Brick 29 Bistro (320 11th Ave S. Nampa)
  • Juniper (211 N 8th St.)

P.S. I also stumbled across the Idahopotato.com website where they share some incredible french fry recipes such as the 'Basic Basked French Fries' and 'Idaho® Potato Truffle Fries with Parmesan'.

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