Wednesday is one of the best days of the year. It's National French Fry Day. And what's the best French Fry? A Free French Fry.

In Idaho, we take this holiday very serious. If you were given time off of work on Wednesday, swing by these places to enjoy free French fries.

Photo by: Jay Gajjar on Unsplash
Photo by: Jay Gajjar on Unsplash

One of them is even having a delicious deal all week to celebrate!

Score Free Fries On National French Fry Day

Here are some places to score Free Fries on National Free Friday!

Gallery Credit: Cort Freeman

Photo by: Fl Flphotography on unsplash
Photo by: Fl Flphotography on unsplash

Who do you think has the best fries in town? I'll keep adding to this list as I hear of more local places doing deals on Wednesday. Let me know if you hear any and we can add them to the list.

Here are other ways to score free fries and deals in town soon!

FREE Fries, Sliders AND a Concert in Downtown Boise?! Say Less.

And it's happening THIS Friday!

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull

Top 3 Best Fast Food French Fries Spots in Boise, Ranked

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

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