Sharp Reminder

Last year's incident in Post Falls, Idaho is a sharp reminder to check your children's candy before they eat it.

It was Halloween night when the Post Falls Police Department received a frantic phone call from a mother. The two had a night of spirited trick or treating in the Post Falls area and across the state boarder into Washington. As the candy reconnaissance mission came to a close, the little Idahoan was eager to chow down. But what happened next was anything but sweet.

Nightmare in Post Falls

It was every parent's Halloween nightmare come true. To her shock and horror, the Post Falls mother discovered a razor blade in a piece of her child's candy. Even more disturbing was her inability to identify which home had dispensed the the lethal treat.

After canvasing the Idaho-Washington border for hours, the mother was at a loss for more information. In turn, Post Falls police were unable to locate the crazed candyman or woman. While authorities added it was the first incident ever reported to the department, they strongly encouraged parents to always check kids' Halloween hauls.

Check Before They Chew: 3 Tips To Keep Our Kids Safe on Halloween

  • 1) No Snacks & No Sneaking. As a parent, I appreciate how tough it can be to catch each and every moment on a night as hectic as Halloween. The key to my success has always been to clearly communicate the dangers of unchecked Halloween candy to my littles in tow. For kids three years and under, carrying their candy tote nips the issue in the bud.
  • 2) Operation CSI. Parents, I know! It's a gigantic pain in the you-know-what, but if our littles are eager to chow down on the fruits of their labor, we have to go full-on CSI for each and every piece. Here's what to look for:
    • Pin-sized holes
    • Semi opened wrappers
    • Weathered-looking wrappers
    • Torn corners on wrappers
    • Homemade candies
    • Unidentifiable brands of candies
    • Candies that should be soft but are hard
    • Candies that should hard but are soft
  • 3) The Old Bait & Switch. If this is your first Halloween as a parent, here's a secret from the pros. Some of us, I'm not saying who—ahem!—swap out the stranger-danger candy for stuff we bought ourselves. I know! I know! Add it to the growing list of lies we tell our children. I know it might seem like a total waste, but hear me out. If you choose to employ the old bait and switch, your kiddo gets the full Halloween experience, you're relieved of candy-checking duty, and you know without a shadow of a doubt their sweet treats are safe! Is the OBS isn't for everyone? Nope. But I thought it was at least worth a mention.

Happy Halloween, moms and dads!

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