WHAT IS a private investigator?

As defined by PrivateInvestigatorEdu.org, a private investigator is an:

...independent civilian [investigator] hired by individuals are organizations dealing with civil or criminal matters that require surveillance, documentation, research, or interviews to provide evidence in legal, criminal, or business investigations.



WHAT DO private investigators do?

Private investigators can offer Idahoans a myriad of useful services!

  • They can search for certain kinds of financial and legal data
  • They can detect and reveal a person's agenda and motives
  • They can prove/disprove infidelity
  • They can prove/disprove paternity
  • They can verify peoples' backgrounds
  • They can find missing children and adults
  • They can investigate cyber crimes
  • They can investigate personal injury claims/accidents

If you've ever thought about obtaining the services of a licensed private investigator but you weren't sure where to start, you're not alone. Though few people talk about or admit to retaining the services of a private investigator, we do know that the "...number of people employed as private detectives and investigators has been growing at a rate of 1.79%, from 85,927 people in 2019 to 87,461 people in 2020."

TREASURE VALLEY private investigators

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