I'm not saying I don't think the fast food chains we have in Idaho are inadequate, but I am saying I wouldn't mind a change in the restaurant landscape. I am not even greedy. I am happy to swap out something we already have for something we do not. Now, I am talking big chains. I would never dream of getting rid of locally owned and operated eateries for some monster chain of restaurants. I am talking fast food and fast casual.

So which food chain are you willing to get rid and what would you replace it with? Our listeners in the Treasure Valley had strong opinions on this. For many the obvious answer was to rid ourselves of basically any burger chain to replace it with In-N-Out. But In-N-Out is in fact coming to Idaho. We just have to be patient because there is already a timeline for when it will grace us with its sub-par fries (unless they are animal style.) 

It appears Chick-fil-A isn't doing it for people the way I thought. Growing up in Vegas where Chick-fil-A only just opened its first location there in 2017, everyone talked about needing one in town the way In-N-Out is talked about in Idaho. But Chick-fil-A has been hypothetically sacrificed in favor of Wienerschnitzel, Rasing Canes, White Castle, and of course In-N-Out.

Some people just want Chick-fil-A to leave without replacement, and the same for Taco Bell and Burger King. I personally love Burger King because the Impossible Whopper and french toast sticks are vegan and absolutely delicious. Happy to keep it around. But Taco Bell I'd gladly swap out for basically anything. They've gotten rid of their most desired menu items anyway. and I've always maintained that everything there tastes exactly the same, you're just choosing what texture you want in your mouth.

Speaking of Mexican inspired food chains, locals want to ditch Del Taco for El Pollo Loco. I can't stand for this because Del Taco is my favorite fast food ever. If you are craving El Pollo Loco, Boise actually has its own local version that's better than the chain, Fiesta Chicken. And don't we love supporting local? Yes! So leave Del Taco alone. We can enjoy both.

So what's missing from this list? What are you willing to trade to have your favorite food joint come to the Treasure Valley. I'm willing to swap Chick-fil-A for a whole Ikea just to get the vegan bowl in their food court. That counts!

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