You may or may not have heard of a man by the name of Rodney Smith Jr. In simplest of terms, he's a man from Huntsville, Alabama who travels the country mowing lawns. However is impact is so much bigger. Rodney is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a foundation that provides free lawn care to those who need help. Part of his mission also includes inspiring the youth to make a difference in their communities as well.

Rodney has traveled to Idaho before. The last time he was here was back in 2018 to mow a couple's lawn in Meridian. He is now leading a new challenge called "The 50 Yard Challenge" that was set up for kids as chance for them to give back.  According to Rodney's Facebook, kids who sign up for the challenge "have to mow 50 free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms or veterans in their town. Once they cut 10 lawns they get an orange shirt, 20 lawns earn a green shirt, 30 lawns earn a blue shirt, 40 lawns earn a red shirt and 50 lawns earns a black shirt. Once they reach 50 lawns, we will come visit them in their city, cut a few lawns with them, and give them different color Raising Men Lawn Care Service shirts."

A few kids here in Idaho completed the challenge bringing Rodney back for a visit to the Gem State. Cord & Kasen from Blackfoot,ID and Dallas from Coeur d Alene,ID each mowed 50 free lawns. Check out this video of Cord and Kasen talking about their experience and everything they learned from the challenge!


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