Pride & Patriotism

In the not too distant past, teens at an Owyhee High School football game really disappointed me. Nestled among the corn fields on the back roads of Meridian, the Saturday night game had a spectacular turn-out.

It also began in the most American way ever. The game between the cross-town rivals featured a tribute to Idaho's first responders and Veterans.

Our neighbor's dad, a 97-year-old World War II Veteran, did the coin toss for the game his great-grandson was quarterbacking in. As I sat beside my husband, a Veteran himself, I found myself beaming with gratitude and appreciation for our patriotic community.

Half-Time/Snack Time

Just before half-time, we could hear the concession stand calling our name. As I made my way over, I strolled passed couples walking hand-in-hand, dads with kids on their shoulders, and grandparents decked from head-to-toe in their Owyhee swag. By all measures, it was a beautiful event.

Wrecking Balls

Once I jumped in line, I stood there taking in the good vibes.

Two minutes later, a group of teenage boys came along and wrecked it. With zero regard for the families or grannies around them, the boys lit up the crowd with f-bombs and profanity best reserved for a dive bar on a Saturday night.  From raunchy sex talk, to making fun of a differently-abled person in the crowd, the boys were shameless.

"The Look"

One by one, the looks on peoples' faces went from jovial to heartbroken and concerned. Fed up, I turned around an unleashed my withering mom-stare on them. Passed down from my nanna to my momma and then to me, it's a look that can scare any kiddo into acting right.

As my stare grew more intense, the motley crew went silent. They exchanged awkward glances amongst themselves, then turned and walked away.

Time and Place

Listen, I'm no prude when it comes to colorful language. I can curse like a sailor on leave. That said, it's always with regard for time and place—a concept lost on the young scalawags.

Were the boys evil, monstrous people? No. Did their parents raise them better than to behave like this in public? Probably.

It comes down to time and place, kids. Have your fun. Make the jokes and wild-out with your friends—just remember time and place!

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