I've been binge-watching Ink Master for the past couple of weeks and I'm hooked. It's easy become one of my favorite competition shows. Every season I become so emotionally attached to pretty much every contestant.

Naturally, I became curious and wondered if any tattoo artists from Idaho who had ever competed on the show and surely enough there has been! Okay well there's only been like 1.5 but still, it's pretty cool to know and have some local representation on a national stage.

Christian Buckingham - Idaho Falls

I said 1.5 earlier because technically Christian isn't from Idaho but Idaho Falls is where he moved for a formal apprenticeship to jumpstart his career! Christian was featured in season 12 and I loved watching him compete against some of the best there's even been on the show as season 12 also brought back some veteran artists from past seasons. He made it as deep as you can go into the competition by being one of the three finalists!

Jordan Allred - Boise | Born Weird Tattoo 

As for real Idaho natives there has only been one to compete. Jordan Allred tattoos out of Born Weird Tattoo here in Boise. She showed off her skills as a black and gray artists on season 13. Jordan finished somewhere in the middle of the pack being the 8th contestant eliminated. Unfortunately she is all booked for the time being back here in Boise and isn't taking any more clients. It's pretty clear why though... Her works is amazing! She does some of the most realistic portraits I've seen.

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