Am I the only one still bingeing TV shows and pretending it's because of the pandemic? I'm obsessed with reality/unscripted television. But none of the shows I watch are based in Idaho. Why? L.A. and New York aren't the only happenin' places in this country. Idaho would lend itself easily as worthy backdrop for any of my favorite shows.

Bravo would do well to take note of Boise as a Real Housewives city. The closest we've come is the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. There's Mormonism, med spas, a college football coach's wife, a pastor married to her step grandfather, an alcohol entrepreneur-- we have all of that! Maybe not the pastor married to her step grandfather. But there's a big Mormon population for sure. Coach Avalos has a wife who could join the cast. Bobbi Bullock owns a med spa, so she fits the bill too. I could go on. But we need to discuss Top Chef.

Portland is home to its latest season, to which I say WHY? Boise is quickly becoming a foodie destination, especially since Crave Delivery came to town. You're telling me a challenge to feed the entire BSU athletic department using groceries bought at Albertsons Market Street prepared in Reef's kitchen wouldn't be exciting? You can't tell me that because you're wrong.

Now more than ever though I think it's time for Million Dollar Listing to add the gem state as a franchise. The real estate here is insane and more houses are nearing the million dollar bracket by the day. The show could follow realtors from Group One Sotheby's or Boise Premier Real Estate. I want to see tours of the sick mansions in McCall.

There could be a completely new show revolving around the DJs working at Townsquare Media in downtown Boise. All the drama, successes, failures, and gossip. I can personally attest that would be a juicy AF show. Maybe I'll pitch it. What do you think?

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