Owning a home literal steps from the Greenbelt is a dream come true for Boise residents, but in the current real estate market? It's an opportunity that rarely presents itself.

When the home on Wylie Lane went up for auction in 2017, The Boise Boys took a walk through it the day before the auction and knew that if they won the 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home it would be a massive challenge to renovate. As soon as Luke and Clint walked in they were overwhelmed by a terrible smell and found it full of trash. The floors in the bathroom were slanted and parts of it were being held together by spray home. The only redeeming part of this property? The lot was right on the river.

When auction day rolled around, over 100 people showed up and Luke ended up bidding $11,000 over their original budget to get it. Clint wasn't thrilled about it and was even less thrilled when he went to inspect their winnings. He discovered that the house was sitting on a foundation that was about the thickness of sidewalk. Their only option was to bull doze it and start over.

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On his website, Luke explained how excited he was for the opportunity to start from scratch, because the only limitations he would have while designing it was Clint's input. The Season One finale "Boise River Blowout" documented the construction and eventual sale of the new 3,049 square foot home. After the open house, Luke couldn't shake the feeling that his growing family should be the ones to live there. At the time, he and his wife, Miranda, were living in a 1400 square foot home with six kids.

After discussing things with his wife, Sandy, Clint decided to offer Luke the home for the costs that went into building it. Luke's family has since grown again and they've outgrown this dream home. The Caldwell family bought property down the street and Luke's working on designing a new home that will better serve his family. That's why this one is on the market for $1,297,000.

We wish Luke tons of luck coming up with a fantastic new home for his family! We know it's an exciting time for not just the Caldwells, but the Robertsons too. The Boise Boys are preparing for the fall premier of their new HGTV show Outgrown. You can hear more about that our interview from the week of Idaho's Largest Garage Sale HERE. 

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