I was taken off the market back when online dating was still a taboo way of meeting a partner, which I always thought was silly. A friend of mine met her husband on MySpace back in 2005 and they are married to this day. Society has definitely caught up because dating apps are so commonplace these days it's almost weird if you meet your significant other in person at say, a bar or the grocery store.

The thing is, EVERYONE is on all the same dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, E Harmony, Ok Cupid, Christian Mingle, Farmers Only--the list goes on and on. By joining as many as you can, you heighten your odds of meeting someone, right? But everyone has that same train of thought, so inevitably you'll come across people you've already dated and crashed and burned with. Consider, perhaps, joining a dating app so exclusive only 8% of applicants are accepted.

The dating app is called Raya. Very famously Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry have been confirmed to use the app. Chelsea Handler and Channing Tatum are rumored to be on it too. Basically it's for celebrities and accomplished people. Those sound like desirable matches to me. But it's very exclusive and to even be considered you need to be referred by a current member. Sounds tricky, but if you run into any celebrities here in Idaho you could make the connection.

One of the celebrities you're most likely to encounter in Idaho is Matt Damon. Thank the producer of the Bourne movies for having premiers here. Another one is surely on the way because Hollywood lives for a billion sequels. Anyway, he is besties with Ben Affleck, a verified member. Soooo if you can ask him to get Benny on board for a referral you're one step closer. Damon's mom is a school teacher, so tug at those strings.

Then an anonymous committee, whose member are described on their website as "comprised of backgrounds, interests, ages, and sexual orientations" has to vote you in. One factor they consider is your social media. Follower count isn't most important, but it should be curated to make you look cool, for lack of a better term. Just interesting and unique and like you are really good at something. And not focused on money. That can hurt your chances.

Again, acceptance rate is about 8% but why shouldn't you be part of that 8%? Idahoans are top tier.


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