Idaho gas prices aren't among the best in the country. The national average for regular is $2.19 per gallon which happens to be the cheapest start to the month of October since 2016! Idaho currently sits above average at $2.40 as the 9th most expensive state for gas. Gas prices in both Boise and Ada County are a bit higher than the state average at $2.66 per gallon. You can fill up for a few cents less in Canyon County for $2.37.

However there has been a recent drop of three cents this past week for the state. This is actually the second biggest decrease in the country. It moved Idaho from being 8th to 9th as well switching spots on the AAA's list with Utah.

AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde told CBS 2, “It’s pretty unusual for Idaho prices to be cheaper than they are in Utah, where most of our finished gasoline comes from, but we’ll take it. Any savings provides some much-needed relief and makes a fall weekend getaway or even the daily commute a little easier on the family budget.”

Idaho's average of $2.40 per gallon is seven cents cheaper than it was last month and a lot cheaper than prices a year ago. This time last year gas was 36 cents more here in Idaho. At least we don't have those problems anymore.

What can we expect for the weeks ahead here in Idaho? According to Jeanette Casselano McGee, AAA spokesperson, “Demand is likely to see some declines in the weeks ahead as drivers traditionally take fewer road trips in the fall. That will mean gas prices are likely to push cheaper throughout the month.”


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